Recycling costs more - think again!

Clients often believe that it costs more to recycle than it does to put it in the bin and send it to landfill. Not so, particularly in NSW where the Landfill Levy has made landfill suitably expensive.

At BinCompare we can help you analyse what is going to landfill from your business and provide you with options that may not be offered by your existing supplier. We have recently saved a large national client 25% on their total waste costs whilst increasing recycling rates from around 65% to close to 95%.

When landfill costs $330/t in the Sydney region (gate fee at Kimbriki), recycling that costs anywhere up to $330/t is saving you money. There are times when your waste contractor is more motivated to put your recyclables in their own landfill as a way of generating or maintaining revenue through their facility.

BinCompare provides advice and solutions without any attachment to specific avenues for your waste and recyclables. We simply assess your situation, waste streams and location and provide a solution tailored to you that we are confident will save you money from day one.

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